This resource is for independent students. Students will find a variety of tools necessary for completion of the course. Important forms, immunizations, student policies, and keeping your registry status active are some of the topics. 

Nebraska students are required to complete the Nebraska Abuse & Neglect portion of the On-Line CNA Training Program to meet the Nebraska requirements to be a certified CNA. (Reviewed: 2019, 2016, 2014)

Unit 1 topics include information regarding an introduction to healthcare, the role of the Nursing Assistant, communication, relating to patients, infection control, environmental safety, emergency situations and restorative care/rehabilitation. Students will also view skills videos.

Topics covered in Unit 2 include: body systems, common diseases, vital signs, ambulation, admission transfer and discharge, the patient's environment, hygiene and grooming, special skin care, and nutrition. 

Topics covered in Unit 3 include: elimination needs, specimen collection/testing, AM/PM care, additional patient care procedures, preoperative/postoperative care, subacute care, special skills in long-term care, death & dying. Students will also take three sample tests and review key terms.

View this course for a review of the CNA skills included in the South Dakota Candidate Handbook (2021). Consult your facility and the textbook for additional information regarding skills. These skill videos are meant to be a guide for skills testing only. You will see the steps listed for each skill followed by a video with an instructor demonstrating the skill with a "resident" actor. In this course, you are able to freely navigate the slides and scroll through the video to help you in reviewing parts important to your personal review and studying.